365 Days of Yoga

I have a love hate relationship with Yoga. A few years ago I took teacher training and LOVED it! At that point in my life I was working as a massage therapist and was doing yoga daily. I had plans to teach out of my massage studio and to further my education to become a Yoga Therapist. Plans changed. Don't they always?

A sudden move to the PNW took me away from a successful massage practice and a burgeoning romance with Yoga. After moving I became a stay at home mom. I lost touch with my practice and my body (and mind), paid a dear price.

Last summer I met an amazing gal who just so happened to be a yoga instructor. She reminded me how beautiful a yoga practice can be. Even despite my cynical attitude that all "Yogis" are self-involved nit wits....

After many attempts to get back on my mat and just be in my own body without expectations that I can attempt a headstand without falling over, I lost interest. I felt so disconnected with my body and figured that that part of my life should just be put to rest.

A strong pull to kick my own as(s)ana (yoga humor), got me thinking that if I make a public statement it will force me to prove that I can put this crazy idea into action.

This fall I decided that I wanted to document my practice so others could see my progress. I can barley do a forward fold. This enlightenment hit me hard when I was once able to touch my toes without feeling a searing hot pain in my low back, thighs and calves. When did I get so out of shape?

This portion of my blog will be 100% raw! I will post weekly pictures of my progress and daily chatter about all the crap that will surface once my body starts to 'unwind' again. Anyone who has practiced yoga knows that the body holds on to stress, pain, emotions. etc. Once all that stuff starts to get loosened up and  makes its way to the surface a transformation takes place. Awareness. It can be one hell of a roller coaster ride.

My goal is to see just how powerful Yoga can be to someone who has suffered from depression, addiction (cigarettes) and in my case a serious bout of cynicism towards Yoga.

I hope you will join me January 1st as I embark on this year long journey.

Namaste and all that crap.

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