Monday, December 31, 2012


I knew this yoga journey wasn't going to be easy. I have completed 3 consecutive days of Bikram and will complete my fourth today.

I feel lightness in my body, my joints are less stiff and my energy levels are improving.
As my muscles soften and release from the last three years of intense stress, my emotions are riding high.

The floodgates have opened.

My body went deeper into the postures yesterday. Camel was when it really hit. Three days ago I would not have dared to hold my heels for fear my low back would give out on me. Yesterday however, I could feel it was time to face my fears and expand my heart.

Cellular memory is returning and I my body is remembering that it once knew how to do this. That my flexibility limitations are mostly just my mind psyching me out.

As I soften and release I am also working out the mental toxins that I so desperately have held on to.
They no longer serve me.

It takes 3 hours out of my day to complete a class. One if my biggest challenges with yoga was how self involved many practitioners are. I am trying very hard to become that way. To be present to the needs of my loved ones.

Even if this first week is a transition from mommy/ wife always being home to being gone for a few hours.

I hope once the routine settles in that my family will be more supportive of my goal.

Only a few more days left of consecutive Bikram classes and I can move on to the home practice.

3 down 362 to go!

Today I dedicate this class to my family. You are in my heart every step of the way.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

364 Days to go!

I was having a conversation with a friend last week about fear. What she was fearful of. How it was holding her back.
The divine voice of wisdom spoke through me and said , "you must step outside your comfort zone if you want to see a shift in energy. Only when you do this will transformation take place". It had taken me 34 years to learn that.

Yesterday I step outside my comfort zone and started my 365 days of yoga challenge. Due to scheduling conflicts the universe, aka my husbands work schedule, has forced me into a new starting date (previously it was set for Jan 1st). The whole point of this challenge was to mend my minds view of yoga. Now it has become more of a challenge to step outside my own comfort zone.

The challenges I have faced already have been:

Trying to gain my husbands support in this when he thinks I will develop tunnel vision with yoga and become one of "those" people.
Child care. With three boys and my husbands crazy work schedule I may not be able to get to a studio class everyday for the first month like I had planned. So it may not be exactly the way I had envisioned it... This is a challenge after all.
Home practice. Hardest part is developing the self motivation to just do it! Some days my practice may involve my kids climbing all over me while in tree pose, some days I will wake before they do so I can have a quiet practice;)

What ever challenges may lie ahead, whether its yoga involved or not I am ready for this.

Bring. It. On.

P.S First class was Bikram and will be fore the next 6 consecutive days...Water please!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Magic Happens Giveaway!

Giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who participated!

 This past year has been full of valuable learning experiences and deep soulwork. I want to honor all that has happened with a giveaway to start off the New Year with a little magic and insight into what 2013 will bring.

This giveaway will feature two readings from my magical sisterhood!

Alquimia Oracle will be offering a Inner Equilibrium reading. These ladies are oozing with mojo and I know this reading will be exactly what the winner needs to gain perspective on the Year 2013!

A print from my dear friend Diana Comstock will also be included. This painting is titled "The Golden Path". So fitting for a year that will bring about much transformation.

Moondaughter will be offering a Moon reading. Her readings are beautiful, soulful and a perfect way to gain lunar insight for the New Year ahead.

And lastly I am adding one of my own magical creations! A Gypsy Dreamcathcer. This particular dreamcatcher is dripping with magic. I created it with the intention to make your dreams come to fruition.

To enter this giveaway:

Visit the shops and let me know your favorite item
(be sure to comment on this post with your entries)


Share this giveaway on your fb ~ twitter ~ pinterest ~ instagram

I will announce the winner here  on Monday January 7th!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bending Towards the Light

It has been nearly two months since I posted a blog entry. I had intended to stay quiet until after the holidays...but I managed to find some down time to refocus my blogs intention and spice things up a bit with a new blog title,  makeover and a few more interest tabs.

January will kick off with a great interview, a giveaway and my first day of 365 Days of Yoga!

Even as we enter into the dark months of winter I am finding myself bending towards the light...

Enjoy your Holidays and I will see you here on January 1st!

)O( Lindsay

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Drawing in

I am going to take a wee break from my blog and interview postings. I am feeling a great need to take a step back and be more present in my own skin. With the cold weather here, I am not getting outside in the dirt as much and I am missing that tangilbe connection to the earth.

With that said, its time to draw inward.

After the new year I will be back in blogging mode with new interviews to inspire you and new posts that reveal the magic I am working on.

I wish all of you a very happy, blessed and safe holiday season!

Til we meet again!



Enjoy this beautiful song...

Monday, October 15, 2012


This last week had tested me. Unexpected encounters that produce a negative result within. Dreary days that take me deeper inside the shadow realm. Lonely nights that seem endless....and lack of sleep carries its own weight.

This is always the hardest month. Always my favorite month. but this year, it seems darker, real, honest. I am taking my shadow work to the next level by finally really looking at what it is that regularly sends me to such a negative space.

Why is it so hard for me to soften and peel back the layers. To expose that vulnerability, to bleed my truth. I am in the dark and I am bringing you in to sit with me as I process these last 34 years.

We all have pain and struggle that guides us. We all have insecurities and doubts. The sutures on my emotional wounds will not heal unless I am brave enough to step forward and accept responsibility for who I am and what I have become. I need to surrender the burdens I carry for the things I have no control over.

Control. That word. I think if only I had more control over this situation or that person then life would be easier for everyone I love.

I don't have control over myself. That is what is making life hard. For me, the people I love. I place so much blame on circumstances and other people...I give up my power to them or it and I wonder why I am so unhappy. Duh.

This is shadow work. Painful. Scary.

We go to those places deep within ourselves where we hide the face we don't want anyone to see.

Today, I want to be seen. As a woman on the verge....of change.

I am using this blog post today as a gateway to release all my fears and anxieties. Do I care what others are going to think? Yes. Of course I do.
if they run screaming from the lunatic then they were not in my life for the right reasons and I say goodbye. If they stick around and can love me despite my flaws and my past mistakes then I unconditionally accept you for who you are and love you with all my heart.

The light within me is burning so hot. I need this release so I can come forth into my higherself and begin the next 34 years as being of light.

The moon is new and with it I am recharging the intentions I set many weeks ago.

To take inspired action
Make time for healing
Connect with my spirit guides
So mote it be.

Friday, October 12, 2012

With Sticks and Strings

I am excited to introduce you to Terra of Wood Lily Designs. A mother, wife and a new business owner! Terra is a sweet soul who crafts with sticks and strings creating beautiful knitted and felted wearables.

Her creations are an extension of her soul and are sure to warm hearts (and hands) during the cold months ahead.

Grab a cup of hot tea, warm socks and your favorite sweater and cozy up with Terra of Wood Lily designs!

1. You just launched a new business Wood Lily Designs. Tell us, what is the meaning behind the name?

Yes it has been a great adventure to launch my artwork to the world. As for the name I chose, Wood Lilies (otherwise known as Tiger Lilies) are my favourite flower. These flowers can be found in the mountains near where we live (and in my garden) and have always fascinated me due to their gorgeous colour. I felt that these flowers were very metaphorical for my creative process, as the medicinal uses of Wood Lilies are alleviating irritability and providing holistic healing. My hours in my studio creating are truly therapeutic to me!

2. How long have you been creating with sticks and strings?
I have been knitting for about 7 years, and have always found it very meditative. However felting has been something I've picked up more recently and I am loving how organic the process of creating with it has become.

3. You opted not to go the Etsy route. What was your reason for this?
I decided that I wanted to keep my little shop very personal and attract people through word of mouth and my own marketing. I wanted to carve out my own little piece of the web and be able to expand my website to include other interests such as e-books and perhaps one day even a blog. I felt this would be harder to do on Etsy in a really cohesive way. Things are going well so far, however I am still open to creating an Etsy shop if I find my website is not attracting enough clientele.

4. When creating, where do you seek your inspiration?
I live a very diverse life right now as I split my time between raising a toddler, being a wife, creating as an artist, working as an Environmental Scientist, as well as teaching and practicing yoga. We love to spend time in nature as a family every single day and our outings are a highlight for all of us. I seek my inspiration from all of these experiences as is evident in my chakra designs (yoga), flower designs (nature walks), and many designs are even inspired by whatever my little guy is fascinated with. I recently made him a felted hat with stars and moons on it, he has such a love for the moon
right now!

5. Was it hard for you to launch yourself as a
designer/ artist? What steps did you take to overcome any fears of putting yourself out there?
One of the main reasons for doing Wood Lily was to overcome fears. I have needed to overcome fears that people will judge my work negatively and be critical of what I was pouring my heart and soul into. I was also afraid that there would be no interest in what I was creating and that it would be hard on my ego. Luckily the experience so far has been incredibly positive and I have been overwhelmed and grateful for the support and interest that my pieces have generated.

As for overcoming, I would say jumping in with two feet has been very instrumental, and letting go of my inner perfectionist has been key. Seeking guidance through some amazing online courses has also been great. The support of family and friends made the initial fear much easier to overcome.

6. The cool season is upon us, what is your must have item in your shop?
Yes the leaves are most definitely turning and the nights are getting pretty chilly where I live. As for the must have item in my shop, I would say that would be my felted cuff bracelets and my kerchiefs. I am really enjoying the process of working with customers to design custom felted cuffs with various themes they are inspired by.

7. What fiber is your favorite to work with and why?
All of my work is done with wool. I love wool as it is a natural fiber and it is so versatile. Wool has amazing properties; it is antibacterial and keeps it's warmth even when wet.

Yarn, felted sweaters and roving all make their way into my pieces. I also love that I can source all of my materials locally which allows me to feel good about supporting other entrepreneurs in my community.

8. What hope do you have for the future of Wood Lily Designs?
I hope that I can start selling my wooly goods at local markets and meet all sorts of people and artists in my city. I hope to stay inspired and have my creative learning be present in whatever I do for Wood Lily Designs.

One day I would like to run some courses for felted creations and perhaps write some small books to sell on my website. One e-book I am itching to write is a book on simple ways to connect children with nature.

You can connect with Terra and Wood Lily Designs here:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I feel like it has been forever since I have sat down to blog. I have been focusing my time and energy on my most important creative family.

Making cookies, watching Halloween movies, having dance parties in our pajamas! Sometimes we  need to take step back from social media, video games, dishes, laundry, etc. and just be in the moment with our loved ones.

This past weekend was full of spontaneous adventures. A trip to Seattle to play in the tides pools along the sound. Eating pub food at my favorite brewery. Running with the kids and dog along the beach at Golden Gardens. It was exactly what was needed for all of us.

Since Spring we have been so busy tending to our farm duties, nurturing the growth of seedlings and harvesting the abundance of their growth. Adopting 30 new chickens and hand raising new ducks and chicks. Any spare time was devoted to naps and cold brews on the porch.

Last week after some heated and emotionally intense conversations about family,!
We had an unexpected visitor bless us with a reminder about love, family and home.

"Pigeon comes to teach us how to find our way home again; he is the foundation of the family the nurturer, protector and teacher that provides for the young in every way that is necessary. He helps us to return to our roots, using them to keep clarity and focus. He guides us in learning how to harness the energies of our home and family in order to get through the tough times and find our way again. With pigeon in charge, we won’t be lost and vulnerable for very long. He shows the value of family strength, stability and how to utilize it properly. From Pigeon we also learn to set and work towards our goals in life; to focus and persevere through anything."

Married life and blended family can get really challenging at times. The message Pigeon provided was a good reminder to find our roots and the heart within our home.

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Third Eye of Jillian Lee

Photographers have the most spectacular view on the world. With that magic lens than get up close and personal with details that are often overlooked. Meet Jillian. One of my favorite people and a photographer whose work I fell in love with many years ago.

Her ability to capture a moment with children or the details inside a flower are breathtaking. I could swim around inside her photos for hours just taking it all in.

Jillian lives an works in Salt Lake City, Utah where she and her husband Ian often team up to create beautiful and sometimes silly photo sessions. One of the coolest things about her work is that many of her portrait sessions are done in her apartment. She is making her passions work for her. A busy mom of three boys and she still knows how to rock a cool haircut and create beautiful imagry!
 Enjoy getting to know the gal behind the lens.

1. When did you discover your passion for photography?

Hard to say. My dad loved photography, so growing up we always had disposable cameras to play with. In highschool I took photography classes, and after that I was always taking pictures of friends or even myself when I had ideas and no models. I don't think I really understood my passion for it until I had children. They opened up my eyes in so many ways.

2. You have this amazing ability to capture still life. What is it about nature that inspires you?

 It is mysterious and untamed and I love getting into the heart of it. I like looking into the finer details that seem to be missed. The bugs living inside the plants, the patterns, the decay, all of this life going on around us that is paid so little attention to. It makes me feel that much closer to the Earth.

 3. Do you have a favorite place to take photos?

 In my apartment. Its where my kids are just themselves and I get to capture them as they are, with real raw emotion experiencing life. I also love some of the old parks, graveyards, canyons, desert (Knolls)... I do my best to avoid the popular places.

4. What type of camera do you use and what is your favorite lens?

I have used many, but currently Nikon D40 with multiple lenses and filters. My favorite lens is my MF 50 mm 1/1.8. Favorite filters are my macro filters that were my dads. They are banged up and old and I love what they produce. I am not huge on spending money on equipment though. My published images were taken on a Kodak point and share! I don't think a great image is due to the camera itself.

5. It seems everyone takes pictures now since the advancement of technology and apps like Instagram. How do you feel about that and has it impacted you as a photographer?

 I think it is fantastic. I think a lot of people are now able to discover they have a talent that they maybe didn't know they had. I used to be opposed to it, because I did feel sort of threatened or not taken seriously, but then I realized that wasn't the kind of mindset I wanted to have. I'm not a snob about photography. Maybe it's because I am too poor so I work with what I can and find it acceptable. I don't think you have to have a $3000 camera to take an emotional or inspiring image. I do however find myself frustrated when people think that photoshop is photography and sells it as such. But I like to create realistic images, especially when being paid for it, unless, of course, I am being paid to specifically alter for a product or something. Don't get me wrong, photoshop is a great tool, and it is fun to add a bit of 'pizazz' or whatever you want to call it to a pic, but I don't think it should be heavily relied on. It just breaks my heart to see babies airbrushed, know what I mean? Sometimes, it just isn't necessary. I also think people need to become more comfortable with pushing the trend borders and produce something more unique and exciting. Has it impacted me? Probably, but I have a bit of a different style, and people will find me and hire me if that is what they want.

6. You and your husband have a side business together. Tell us more about that and what you offer?

Being sexy, or our other business? Ok, seriously. We run Camerunning Photography. Its a SLC local photog business for pretty much everything. Bands, families, businesses, product, portraits, pets, you name it. We go on location mostly but also do sessions in our apartment. I do 93% of the photography, while Ian helps in the editing process, and also staging and directing when he is available. Our aim is really to deviate from the norm here in Utah, but it can be difficult. Doesn't mean we are giving up though.

 7. What would you consider your niche is in photography?

My niche would be whatever my camera is focusing on. I don't really know. I have a huge passion for real life. Nature, raw emotion. I don't much love the posed stuff, the gallons of makeup and fashion, etc. I think there is enough drama and mystery naturally occurring in life. People just need to relax and allow it so I can capture it. Kids and nature and animals are probably my favorite. They don't hold back anything.

8. Do you have a single favorite photo that you have taken?

Depends on the day and my mood. There are a few, but I am not sure about a single one. There are a few I am pretty proud of.

9. You have a dark side, do you think that comes through in your work?

I sure hope it does! That's the plan! Well, not always, but I do enjoy some of the creepiness that comes out of people when they aren't paying attention. I also have a sort of bizarre obsession with dead things and photographing them. It's kind of a running joke most places we go there is always a dead bird or something rather waiting for me. I think a lot of my love for darker imagery comes from my fascination of the real goth world that I encountered and became a part of as a young teen. I still think that is probably one of the most beautiful scenes image wise and it still inspires me in a great way today.

10. How many pictures do you think you have taken in your lifetime?

Haha. All I can do is laugh at that. You should see my computer. I am a picture hoarder! We are only 2 weeks into September and purely for recreation, I have over 200 images waiting to be filtered through.

 Jillian can be found online here:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

Do you eve have those moments where you are staring in the mirror and you stare for so long that the image reflected back to you becomes unrecognizable? I had one of those moments today.
Maybe it the melancholic autumn light. Or the sullen tunes playing on the stereo.  I am feeling rather vulnerable in my skin today.

So I continue shedding layers, peeling back the bark to reveal the pink flesh beneath.

The scary part...

What is beneath the surface?

That is what I am trying to figure out.

Monday, September 24, 2012


I joined hands once again with my sacred circle. We released our fears, resentments, guilt and heartache into the cleansing fire. Watching it burn brighter and brighter with each release.
The guided visualization took me to a sacred grove where a bonfire was roaring and my spirit sisters were circled up with their intentions.

We were asked t chose a piece of kindling from a pile. This offering to the fire represented what we wished to let go of. I chose a willow branch....actually when I think on it Willow chose me.

I took the branch over to the fire and stood close to the glowing fire. I held the willow branch close to my heart and repeated my intentions three times.

I release from myself all resentments
I release from myself all negativity
I release from myself self harm

I began to shake at this point. Letting go to make space for new growth is so hard. For years  I have been holding on to this energy that no longer serves me. It was time to lay it  to rest.

So mote it be.

The act of ritual to promote change is so powerful. Especially with the energy of others is involved. Out intentions become magnified and the warmth of connection  is felt. Its not only about me and what I wish to be free of. Its about all of us. Working together to remove barriers that hold us back.

Now the real work begins...

Friday, September 21, 2012

on the eve

She is slowing down. You can feel it in the air. The mornings are blanketed with coastal mists and chill signals Autumn is here.

I am cozied up in my new favorite sweater. Drinking my favorite ale and thinking about the closing of yet another season and the beginning of the new.

I have made some serious life changing sum it up:

Action. Wellness. Spirit.

Three simple words with such profound meaning.

We celebrate Mabon tomorrow. The bread dough is rising, the potatoes are peeled. The apples are soaking. A harvest feast that this year means more to me than those in the past.

 Did those seeds of change you planted grow? What aspects of yourself have you nurtured?

Are you ready to harvest your abundance?

I am.

It's time to go inward.

Happy Autumnal Equinox.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Drum Roll Please

Congrats Angie I will be in touch with you regarding your fantasic goodies!
Thank you to everyone of you beautiful souls who supported this giveaway.
 Stay tuned for Octobers great giveaway!
Details will be released on 10/1/12

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sweet Wild Life

I have a soft spot for artists. Their creative process, their unending desire to fill the world with colorful images that inspire. Kolleen Harrison is one of those creative spirits whose whimsical art always puts a smile in my face.  I met Kolleen through SouLodge. A gathering place for wild women. After checking out her artistic offerings I fell in love. Here is a little peek into the Sweet Wild Life of Kolleen Harrison.

You are a creative free spirit, what steps did you take to uncover this aspect of yourself?

i feel like i have always been creative since i was very little ... i was happiest with crayons and a coloring book ... music always playing!
as i got older and "life happened", i became lost for a bit (actually more than a bit ... for quite a long time), up until about 4 years ago when i found my voice again. i started to go on retreats and blog and surround myself with things that brought inspiration to me. i truly am beginning to feel at the young age of 40 that i have found me again ... tapping into my core ...
that which is rooted deep ... expressing it through art and words ... worrying less about if it is "good enough or not". it is freeing!!

What gets your creative juices flowing?

music first and foremost (preferably live), love, nature (mama ocean, trees), color, fashion, my kids, words ... being around other creative spirits who own who they are.

 Favorite quote?

i have many ... but right now this is the one that is speaking the loudest to me:

"the most important thing one woman can do for another is to illuminate and expand her sense of actual possibilities." - adrienne rich

What do you dream about?

i dream about a world enveloped with love ... a time when there isn't discrimination, judgment, war, hatred, jealousy. in all honesty i dream about simpler, more peaceful times. i have such a strong pull to find and live a life of "peace, love and harmony". i dream about making a difference and inspiring others to live from a place of love ... out of love.

 Where do you seek/ find inspiration for your art?

i find great inspiration and solace being near mama ocean ... the smell, the sound, the sand beneath my feet. i also enjoy taking myself out on day dates ... where i drive to another little town ... walk around, take pictures, indulge in something yummy to eat. i also find inspiration when circling with other creative spirits ... i love going on retreats and placing myself a bit out of my comfort zone ... i feel we need to stretch ourselves in order to continue to grow in our art and creativity and in ourselves.

 Have you ever found yourself in a creative slump? If so, what steps did you take to remove that obstacle?

i absolutely have and i have learned to embrace the ebb and flow of our creativity and our inspiration. i am a believer that inspiration will hit when it is supposed to and when we are open for it. in my own personal experience, when it hits me ... it hits hard, so i soak it in as it flows and do my best to let myself get lost in it.

Soul work, what does that mean to you?

Soul work is never ending in my opinion. It is getting in touch with the core of who we are ... the well of us. It is finding that space within that we call "home" and feeling the peace and comfort and serenity of it. I know my desire is to be the type of woman who is always evolving, always open to learning and seeking and being curious about what this life has to offer, immersed in her soul work.

What workshops (online or on location) have you been to and would recommend to other women?
SouLodge came to me at the right time in my life, as I was entering my 40th year. It has helped me to embrace the side of me that I let lie dormant for quite a long time. Pixie is a beautiful creative soul ... wise well beyond her years.

I have been to Be Present Retreat in Oregon and also Brave Girl Camp in Idaho. I would highly recommend them both to other women. They both changed my life and helped me in priceless ways.
If you could change one aspect of yourself, what would it

I seem to be the type of person who has MANY ideas and inspirations but struggles with bringing them to fruition!
  I would change that ...
 if I could have it my way, I would release the fear and "close the deal"!

To connect with Kolleen:

Just for fun, I dedicate this song to Kolleen,
for I know how much music means to her. Enjoy sister!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Which Witch is it?

I have been called a witch for as long as I can remember. When I was a wee one I would wear a witch's costume (with cowboy boots) all-the-time. It wasn't your typical black dress Hollywood version, but a simple patchwork dress my mother made. Cute, earthy and perfect for a little girl who daydreamed in her red Radio Flyer wagon while her familiar (a black lab named Lucy), slept beside her.

In junior high I was taunted by my peers for being a devil worshiper. I probably deserved the attention since I had a tendency to wear a lot of black and weird shoes. This taunting carried out through high school. I remember back to those days when those silly enough to think I could actually cast spells would come to my door and ask me for loves spells. Being enchanted by all things mystical I would instruct the young neighborhood girls that on the night of the full moon to pour a hot bath, add salt, a few drops rose oil and light a red candle. In the tub they were to think about the one they so desired and he would then magically be drawn to them. In reality I had no idea what I was even talking about. I was just giving them what they wanted.


Little did I know then, that my advice was pretty spot on for someone who never really studied spell crafting. I did in my later teens visit the local New Age store. Browsing through tarot decks and crystals. Admiring all the charms and baubles and glass jars full of herbs. These were the things I was drawn too. It's not uncommon for teenagers to experiment with the occult....

My Mother ;)
I grew up in predominantly Mormon state.  I was one of very few kids in my small town who didn't attend church on Sundays. My mother (bless her soul), gave me the choice to believe in what I felt was right for me. Our Sundays consisted of drives in the mountains. Picking wildflowers and listening to Fleetwood Mac with the windows rolled down and the wind in our hair. Those days spent together are priceless to me. My mother always seemed like the most magical woman I knew. She has this wild earth gypsy way about her.

As I entered my twenties my fondness for magic grew. I studied herbalism, became a massage therapist and learned how to be a conduit for the healing power of stones. This was my magic and I had a gift for it. In the height of my career as a healer I could tangibly feel the auric energy of others. I would have visuals and on the rare occasion heard voices while working on my clients. I know a lot of people think that it is crazy voodoo hippie crap, but in it's simplest form its called science.

The Good Witch of Moondog Farm
Presently, I live on a farm. I milk goats, I talk to chickens (in chicken), I have many cats and my familiars are still canines. My husband and I are organic pagans. We take care of the earth and in return she takes care of us. We work biodynamically  with the rhythms nature.  Pure magic.
So what does all this blabbering on have to do with witches? Well, as I approach my 34th year in this realm, I have decided to make it officially known that I  wear the conical hat with pride.
I am out of the broom closet
I am a witch. *Cackles*

Friday, September 7, 2012


I want to introduce you to Jenny. She is an artist, a mother, a wife and a muse. A bohemian spirit who co-owns Vine Gogh in Portland, OR. Vine Gogh is an Art/ Wine bar where you can sit back listen to great music, drink wine and create!

Jenny is guide for the closeted artist. She has this incredible ability to uncork your creative spirit...even those stubborn folks who think they can't paint. I have had the honor of sitting in on many classes at Vine Gogh and my own skills as an artist have grown immensly. I thank Jenny for her enthusiasm and encouragement to all her students.

Move over Bob Ross there is a new gal in town (and she has way better hair!)

1. When did you discover you had a passion for the arts?

I was lucky to always be surrounded by artists and creative people. My Grandfather had a very successful career as an artist. He passed away when I was 2 years old, but my parents and Grandmother were always encouraging me in art. I would spend hours drawing at the kitchen table. My mom still has my first drawing; I was a toddler, and I drew spiders on notebook paper. I'm terrified of spiders!

2. Who is your favorite artist and why?
There are a lot of them, but I will narrow it to two: Gustav Klimt and Pablo Picasso. With Klimt, I can tell he was a very passionate person - painting lovers and beautiful women from real life and stories. I love that there is so much to look at in his paintings. I love the use of gold, the little touches of flowers and shapes and colors. With Picasso, I am just so impressed at his sheer talent and how he could embrace so many different styles. He could paint realism to abstract and everything in between.

3. Was there ever a time you felt like giving up a career in the arts? If yes, how did you remove that obstacle?
I would never give up. As with any person, I've experienced the sting of rejection. You get over it. I read this quote once, in the book Memoirs of a Geisha: “I can see you have a great deal of water in your personality. Water never waits. It changes shape and flows around things, and finds the secret paths no one else has thought about." I thought, "Wow, that's me!" If it is something that you not only love, but it is woven into your very being, you find a way. Even if it is as small and simple as integrating your passion into a completely different career field. When I worked in retail, I began designing the brochures and business cards. When I worked in a bar, my drinks were beautifully and creatively garnished. Simple, but fulfilling. I will always tell someone to never give up. As you mature, you realize that things fall into place for a reason, and one experience leads to another. For example, you might think, "why do I have to work in a restaurant when I am talented and capable of this and that", and you realize one day, years later, that that particular experience was crucial to your current success.
4. Your oldest child is on the Autism spectrum. How has this shaped your experience with art?
When Hayden started school as a youngster, I began a trend of putting a new drawing in his lunchbox every day. At one point he loved telephone poles, so I drew telephone poles everyday, and they had cartoon eyes and personalities. I would make them say funny things to each other that I knew would make him laugh at lunch time. I would put little positive messages on the drawings. I found out later that he had quite a crowd gathering around him at the lunch table; parents, teachers, students, teacher's aids. I had people stop me in the hall to tell me how much they loved the drawings. It became a great social piece for a kid who didn't know how to socialize. To date, I've done over 1,000 lunchbox drawings, and he's saved them all. He's been excited to watch Kim and I open Vine Gogh. He loves the "Open Paint" sessions the best.

5. You are co- owner of Vine Gogh, how did you become involved?
I'm convinced I have the best business partner in the world. She is one of the kindest people I've ever met. I've known Kim for several years, as she lives just down the street from me. Kim is from Colorado, and she became really intrigued with a successful sip and paint studio there. One day she knocked on my door and asked me if I would be interested in starting such a business. It was one of those moments where every cell in my body knew this was the thing for me, so I didn't even have to think much about it before telling her "YES. Absolutely." Four months later, we had our location in Sellwood.

6. You are an amazing teacher. What is your secret to un-corking your students inner artist?
There's one quote by Picasso that I dearly love: "All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." This is so true. I was Artist In Residence at an Elementary school and have taught hundreds of children. What I have observed about them is that they don't over-think anything. They just do it. They pick up the brush and get right to it. It's a wonderful thing. I will often remind my students to try tochannel their inner child and not over-think it.
  One important key is to get them to relax.
  The fact that we serve wine really helps with that! 

7. Your daughter has shown a natural aptitude towards art. How do encourage her?

Greta is showing signs of being an incredible artist. With Vine Gogh she will have lots of opportunities to be surrounded by art. She comes to a lot of classes with me, and we draw together a lot, even if it's just on the Magnadoodle. In the car we play color mixing games - I'll quiz her on what color you get when you mix blue and red, etc. She's got it figured out!

8. What is your favorite color and why?
Turquoise. It's very bright and calming to me. It reminds me of the ocean. I have to stop myself from making all of my paintings with turquoise backgrounds. It's like an addiction. :)smile

9. Johnny Depp comes into Vine Gogh to paint a picture of your choosing. What would you guide him through?

I would actually like him to guide me through a painting. I would love to see what is inside that creative mind. 
10. What does the future hold for Vine Gogh Artist Bar?
Eventually, we would love to open another location, probably on the West Side. For now, we are just trying to be the best at what we do, and give people opportunities to be creative and leave their stress behind for a couple of hours. It's been a joy to watch.
Vine Gogh offers Classes for kids, adults. Private parties and instruction are also available. For their latest class offerings visit their website and become a fan on Facebook!
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The Shamaness

The Fortune Teller


The Priestess

The Maiden

The Mother

The Crone


Now go stir up some magic!

Friday, August 31, 2012

New Beginnings

I'm still vibrating from the Blue Moon ritual I did along with a beautiful circle of women. The glamorous goddess Athena Perrakis of Sage Goddess knows how to throw down!

She cast an AMAZING circle on a virtual level. Being able to connect with women from all over the world in real time was ELECTRIFYING. The currents of energy were felt by us all.

Prior to the ritual I got in my 'mojo zone' by painting. Something that always relaxes me and puts me into a trance like state. When I gift myself time with brushes and color I let the process happen organically. This is what came out.

My Blue Moon goddess. I can't wait to see what becomes of her....(metaphorically)

I created a portable altar for this particular ritual. I wasn't sure what my wild tribe would be up to during that time so I opted for a something that could take me where ever I could get some sacred space.
Thank )O( goddess my husband was home to keep the kids occupied while I worked some much needed magic.

The previous day I set my intentions for the ritual of New Beginnings (see post here). I thought more about what my intentions actually were. I went back and forth over what I thought I needed, what I thought others expected of me and what I really needed.
In a moment of clarity my intentions set themselves:
Take inspired action
Make time for healing
Connect with my spirit guides.
With that settled I threw my intentions into the cauldron and lit the fire!
During part of the ritual Athena led us to meet our guide. My guide came in the form of an old woman. Draped in old tattered shawls, wild haired and the kind of face with wrinkles only a woman of wisdom can wear gracefully. She rode atop a large black horse as I walked next to her down a long old growth path. I kept thinking to myself, "I know this woman". She seemed so familiar, yet not.
She placed a shawl around my shoulders and then it happened. Emotional release.
Tears were running like hot knives down my face, I was cold and shivering but felt so comforted by her warm gesture.
I knew in that moment, without a doubt, this woman was me.
Wisdom doesn't speak. It's always the gesture that is heard the most.
Happy Blue Moon and cheers to New Beginnings!
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...and enjoy a music video;)


The Scent-ual Life

I was so excited when Athena graciously agreed to let me interview her about her magical life. Athena's products are so beautifully crafted.

Opening a package from Sage Goddess is like opening up an ancient book of secrets- full of magic and wonder and the most tantalizing scents! Athena's products will invoke your inner goddess!

Since today is the Blue Moon I am honored to share with you the magic of Sage Goddess. Enjoy!

The Scent-ual life with Athena Perrakis of Sage Goddess

1. How did you get started creating and concocting your delicious offerings?

I love this question – I actually had to stop and think about when I began because I’ve been creating magical items for a long time. When I was 18 and living in Los Angeles I took a variety of metaphysical courses in aromatherapy, soap making, Wicca, and even a course called “sacred connections” where we studied ancient correspondences. I also interned at night helping a spiritual friend launch her own business in a beautiful store in Redondo Beach, CA near where I was living at the time. I made bath salts and soaps for her and packaged her items with ribbons and flowers. She gave me total freedom to experiment and engaged my creativity. I learned the bulk of what I do today in those courses and through those experiences.

2. You are a descendant of healers and gypsies? How do you honor your heritage?

Yes, I’m very lucky – I have strong healing roots. On my paternal side, I’m the great-granddaughter of the chief medicine woman of Crete, a Greek island south of the mainland where all of my father’s family comes from. My great-grandmother had apprentices who came to live near and work with/learn from her. People sailed seas to see her. It’s humbling to be in her line. On my maternal side I have equally magical things happening; my mother descends from Massasoit, the sachem of the Wampanoag tribe in the northeastern United States. All the women in her line have had strong psychic abilities, including among other things the ability to do automatic writing and remote viewing. So you could say that what I do is most definitely in my blood! I honor my heritage through keeping of Old Ways that resonate with both my Mediterranean and Native American lineage. This requires deep meditation, disciplined practice, familial story-sharing, and the ability to listen exquisitely and exclusively to my own voice. More than 90% of my products were born in dreamstate, where the specific recipes, ingredients, and poetry for the candle labels have been given to me verbatim.

3. What does soul work mean to you?
Soul work to me means honoring your roots and seeking your soul’s purpose in this particular lifetime. It’s the process of finding out who you are and differentiating your authentic self from the versions of you that others have imposed on or expected from you over time. And it’s never done. When you start thinking you’re close to finished, like “yeah I’ve got this soul work thing figured out!” the Universe comes along to remind you that yeah, you don’t. When you’re done, you’ll transition to the next realm. That’s how you’ll know!

4. What is your favorite offering in your shop?

Ha! Each time I create something new and bring an idea to life it becomes my favorite thing. I’d have to say that the recent oils I’ve created in what has become the Magica line (there’s a Magica Rosa, Magica Luna, and coming in October a Magica Nocta or Night Magic). Each one is complex and contains rare oils that I sourced from all over the planet, including some very remote locations. I spared no expense in creating them because I was called to make something exotic and completely different from anything I had ever seen or smelled or worn before. My other favorite thing is my Dea perfume, which is my personal scent. I’ve worn that oil for 25 years. People who know me well can attest that Dea is “me”. It’s fun to share my personal scent with my customer base.

5. What crystal is your favorite and why?

An impossible question but I’ll try to answer. I should tell you that I love the rare and exotic, but I also love my “workhorse” stones like black tourmaline and red jasper – they never fail me. They are look old trusted advisors who I turn to when I need wise counsel. My favorite of all time is labradorite. It’s the stone of the dark moon and it completely intoxicates me. I have a gorgeous pendant that I bought decades ago. I feel like Queen of Everything when I wear that pendant! I often give labradorite as gifts and prescribe it as medicine to those who need a self-esteem boost, men and women alike.

6. When did you discover you had a calling to create magical tools for sacred practice?

I have known since I was a small child that I was different from other people. The calling to make magic began in middle school and was affirmed in later teenage years. I’m 39 now and sometimes find it jarring to say that I have more than two decades of experience as a magical practitioner, but I do. My first creation was the perfume oil now known as Dea that has been my signature scent since high school. I have always been a spiritual and creative trend-setter. I am good at sourcing and building ideas, things, and products that others who are “my kind” will also love and appreciate. I have my finger on the kindred pulse.

7. How would you encourage women to honor the goddess within?

The goddess within us often resides in the parts of ourselves society rejects or which have gotten us “in trouble” so we repress them. The goddess is an amalgam of your best self and your base instincts, your light and your shadow.

To do goddess work (and it really is work) you have to first be willing to the soul archaeology necessary to dig up the bones and fossils of your spirit. Where I come in is in helping to put all the piece back together and polish them to a bright shining finish.

8. You travel as a part of your "day job", how do you create sacred space away from home?

I always travel with white sage because I spend so much time in hotel rooms, and you have to clear that stuck energy out! I also travel with a few gems and my perfume oil. I bring my meditation playlist in iTunes as well as my crystal signing bowl soundtrack. I carve out 15” a night to reconnect to the divine. Interestingly, I almost always travel at the full moon. I’m still trying to figure out the meaning behind that coincidence!

9. You are lost in a foreign city. What do you do?

If it’s domestic, I search “metaphysical” in Yelp and cab my way to the nearest crystal/gem/pagan store I can find. If it’s international, I find my way to one of those shops or I seek the nearest garden space and get barefoot on grass. I actually do get lost from time to time - rarely on accident. Not all who wander …

10. Sage Goddess just launched a beautiful website. What does the future hold for your business?

Incredible courses and live rituals that I hope will be attended by people on all continents and from all walks of life. New lines of products. An apprenticeship opportunity. And The Book. I’ve been carrying around The Book in my mind and heart for a decade and it’s itching to be set free. I’d like to say this is all in my one-year plan but I’m trying not to impose a linear time structure on the process and just be with what unfolds.

Connect with Sage Goddess:

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