Gypsy Rebel

Unintential Creatrix of Gypsy Rebel

I never set out to make jewelry. It started as a way of making use of all the broken jewelry I had or was given. I decided to make use of all the glittering heaps of junk I had piling up around the house. I grabbed my husbands pliers and went to work assembling and re purposing.

Over the the past year I have played with many types of styles. Beading, component based, textile, assemblage and mixed media. I am finally at a place where I feel my work is becoming more of an extension of my soul.
Jewelry should be a statement which speaks to and for the individual it adorns.

As an burgeoning designer, I have struggled to find my personal aesthetic. What resides within me is a mysterious gypsy mystic. My creations are finally beginning to reflect that.
Gypsy Rebel can be found online:
And is sold at Vine Gogh in the adorable Sellwood community of Portland, Or
I am always interested in placing my jewelry at the right locations. If you are a shop owner and want to carry my line please contact me by e-mail.

If you are seeking a custom piece, see this great blog post by BeWitchery
All my work is made with magic, intention and love.

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