Monday, December 31, 2012


I knew this yoga journey wasn't going to be easy. I have completed 3 consecutive days of Bikram and will complete my fourth today.

I feel lightness in my body, my joints are less stiff and my energy levels are improving.
As my muscles soften and release from the last three years of intense stress, my emotions are riding high.

The floodgates have opened.

My body went deeper into the postures yesterday. Camel was when it really hit. Three days ago I would not have dared to hold my heels for fear my low back would give out on me. Yesterday however, I could feel it was time to face my fears and expand my heart.

Cellular memory is returning and I my body is remembering that it once knew how to do this. That my flexibility limitations are mostly just my mind psyching me out.

As I soften and release I am also working out the mental toxins that I so desperately have held on to.
They no longer serve me.

It takes 3 hours out of my day to complete a class. One if my biggest challenges with yoga was how self involved many practitioners are. I am trying very hard to become that way. To be present to the needs of my loved ones.

Even if this first week is a transition from mommy/ wife always being home to being gone for a few hours.

I hope once the routine settles in that my family will be more supportive of my goal.

Only a few more days left of consecutive Bikram classes and I can move on to the home practice.

3 down 362 to go!

Today I dedicate this class to my family. You are in my heart every step of the way.

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