Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 5

Did my first home yoga practice this evening. It felt awkward compared to the strict posture series of Bikram.

Yesterday's Bikram class was at 6am. I was emotionally worn out from an intense conversation and it carried over onto the mat. I was clumsy and unable it get into the movement meditation of the class. What occurred to me though, is that even with being drained having had less than 5 hours sleep, I still showed up. My physical practice may have suffered a bit, but the hot room gave me a safe place to refocus my intentions. A perfect way to celebrate NYE.

I'm thrilled about the new year. So many possibilities and the energy about 2013 feels rich with abundance... In all forms.

My family is beginning to show more support with this goal and after only 5 days of yoga even they can see a difference in the way I carry myself.

I am softening. (My heart is blooming from all those backbends!)

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