Monday, September 24, 2012


I joined hands once again with my sacred circle. We released our fears, resentments, guilt and heartache into the cleansing fire. Watching it burn brighter and brighter with each release.
The guided visualization took me to a sacred grove where a bonfire was roaring and my spirit sisters were circled up with their intentions.

We were asked t chose a piece of kindling from a pile. This offering to the fire represented what we wished to let go of. I chose a willow branch....actually when I think on it Willow chose me.

I took the branch over to the fire and stood close to the glowing fire. I held the willow branch close to my heart and repeated my intentions three times.

I release from myself all resentments
I release from myself all negativity
I release from myself self harm

I began to shake at this point. Letting go to make space for new growth is so hard. For years  I have been holding on to this energy that no longer serves me. It was time to lay it  to rest.

So mote it be.

The act of ritual to promote change is so powerful. Especially with the energy of others is involved. Out intentions become magnified and the warmth of connection  is felt. Its not only about me and what I wish to be free of. Its about all of us. Working together to remove barriers that hold us back.

Now the real work begins...

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