Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Which Witch is it?

I have been called a witch for as long as I can remember. When I was a wee one I would wear a witch's costume (with cowboy boots) all-the-time. It wasn't your typical black dress Hollywood version, but a simple patchwork dress my mother made. Cute, earthy and perfect for a little girl who daydreamed in her red Radio Flyer wagon while her familiar (a black lab named Lucy), slept beside her.

In junior high I was taunted by my peers for being a devil worshiper. I probably deserved the attention since I had a tendency to wear a lot of black and weird shoes. This taunting carried out through high school. I remember back to those days when those silly enough to think I could actually cast spells would come to my door and ask me for loves spells. Being enchanted by all things mystical I would instruct the young neighborhood girls that on the night of the full moon to pour a hot bath, add salt, a few drops rose oil and light a red candle. In the tub they were to think about the one they so desired and he would then magically be drawn to them. In reality I had no idea what I was even talking about. I was just giving them what they wanted.


Little did I know then, that my advice was pretty spot on for someone who never really studied spell crafting. I did in my later teens visit the local New Age store. Browsing through tarot decks and crystals. Admiring all the charms and baubles and glass jars full of herbs. These were the things I was drawn too. It's not uncommon for teenagers to experiment with the occult....

My Mother ;)
I grew up in predominantly Mormon state.  I was one of very few kids in my small town who didn't attend church on Sundays. My mother (bless her soul), gave me the choice to believe in what I felt was right for me. Our Sundays consisted of drives in the mountains. Picking wildflowers and listening to Fleetwood Mac with the windows rolled down and the wind in our hair. Those days spent together are priceless to me. My mother always seemed like the most magical woman I knew. She has this wild earth gypsy way about her.

As I entered my twenties my fondness for magic grew. I studied herbalism, became a massage therapist and learned how to be a conduit for the healing power of stones. This was my magic and I had a gift for it. In the height of my career as a healer I could tangibly feel the auric energy of others. I would have visuals and on the rare occasion heard voices while working on my clients. I know a lot of people think that it is crazy voodoo hippie crap, but in it's simplest form its called science.

The Good Witch of Moondog Farm
Presently, I live on a farm. I milk goats, I talk to chickens (in chicken), I have many cats and my familiars are still canines. My husband and I are organic pagans. We take care of the earth and in return she takes care of us. We work biodynamically  with the rhythms nature.  Pure magic.
So what does all this blabbering on have to do with witches? Well, as I approach my 34th year in this realm, I have decided to make it officially known that I  wear the conical hat with pride.
I am out of the broom closet
I am a witch. *Cackles*

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