Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I feel like it has been forever since I have sat down to blog. I have been focusing my time and energy on my most important creative family.

Making cookies, watching Halloween movies, having dance parties in our pajamas! Sometimes we  need to take step back from social media, video games, dishes, laundry, etc. and just be in the moment with our loved ones.

This past weekend was full of spontaneous adventures. A trip to Seattle to play in the tides pools along the sound. Eating pub food at my favorite brewery. Running with the kids and dog along the beach at Golden Gardens. It was exactly what was needed for all of us.

Since Spring we have been so busy tending to our farm duties, nurturing the growth of seedlings and harvesting the abundance of their growth. Adopting 30 new chickens and hand raising new ducks and chicks. Any spare time was devoted to naps and cold brews on the porch.

Last week after some heated and emotionally intense conversations about family,!
We had an unexpected visitor bless us with a reminder about love, family and home.

"Pigeon comes to teach us how to find our way home again; he is the foundation of the family the nurturer, protector and teacher that provides for the young in every way that is necessary. He helps us to return to our roots, using them to keep clarity and focus. He guides us in learning how to harness the energies of our home and family in order to get through the tough times and find our way again. With pigeon in charge, we won’t be lost and vulnerable for very long. He shows the value of family strength, stability and how to utilize it properly. From Pigeon we also learn to set and work towards our goals in life; to focus and persevere through anything."

Married life and blended family can get really challenging at times. The message Pigeon provided was a good reminder to find our roots and the heart within our home.

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  1. Glad things are coming full circle for you love <3