Friday, October 12, 2012

With Sticks and Strings

I am excited to introduce you to Terra of Wood Lily Designs. A mother, wife and a new business owner! Terra is a sweet soul who crafts with sticks and strings creating beautiful knitted and felted wearables.

Her creations are an extension of her soul and are sure to warm hearts (and hands) during the cold months ahead.

Grab a cup of hot tea, warm socks and your favorite sweater and cozy up with Terra of Wood Lily designs!

1. You just launched a new business Wood Lily Designs. Tell us, what is the meaning behind the name?

Yes it has been a great adventure to launch my artwork to the world. As for the name I chose, Wood Lilies (otherwise known as Tiger Lilies) are my favourite flower. These flowers can be found in the mountains near where we live (and in my garden) and have always fascinated me due to their gorgeous colour. I felt that these flowers were very metaphorical for my creative process, as the medicinal uses of Wood Lilies are alleviating irritability and providing holistic healing. My hours in my studio creating are truly therapeutic to me!

2. How long have you been creating with sticks and strings?
I have been knitting for about 7 years, and have always found it very meditative. However felting has been something I've picked up more recently and I am loving how organic the process of creating with it has become.

3. You opted not to go the Etsy route. What was your reason for this?
I decided that I wanted to keep my little shop very personal and attract people through word of mouth and my own marketing. I wanted to carve out my own little piece of the web and be able to expand my website to include other interests such as e-books and perhaps one day even a blog. I felt this would be harder to do on Etsy in a really cohesive way. Things are going well so far, however I am still open to creating an Etsy shop if I find my website is not attracting enough clientele.

4. When creating, where do you seek your inspiration?
I live a very diverse life right now as I split my time between raising a toddler, being a wife, creating as an artist, working as an Environmental Scientist, as well as teaching and practicing yoga. We love to spend time in nature as a family every single day and our outings are a highlight for all of us. I seek my inspiration from all of these experiences as is evident in my chakra designs (yoga), flower designs (nature walks), and many designs are even inspired by whatever my little guy is fascinated with. I recently made him a felted hat with stars and moons on it, he has such a love for the moon
right now!

5. Was it hard for you to launch yourself as a
designer/ artist? What steps did you take to overcome any fears of putting yourself out there?
One of the main reasons for doing Wood Lily was to overcome fears. I have needed to overcome fears that people will judge my work negatively and be critical of what I was pouring my heart and soul into. I was also afraid that there would be no interest in what I was creating and that it would be hard on my ego. Luckily the experience so far has been incredibly positive and I have been overwhelmed and grateful for the support and interest that my pieces have generated.

As for overcoming, I would say jumping in with two feet has been very instrumental, and letting go of my inner perfectionist has been key. Seeking guidance through some amazing online courses has also been great. The support of family and friends made the initial fear much easier to overcome.

6. The cool season is upon us, what is your must have item in your shop?
Yes the leaves are most definitely turning and the nights are getting pretty chilly where I live. As for the must have item in my shop, I would say that would be my felted cuff bracelets and my kerchiefs. I am really enjoying the process of working with customers to design custom felted cuffs with various themes they are inspired by.

7. What fiber is your favorite to work with and why?
All of my work is done with wool. I love wool as it is a natural fiber and it is so versatile. Wool has amazing properties; it is antibacterial and keeps it's warmth even when wet.

Yarn, felted sweaters and roving all make their way into my pieces. I also love that I can source all of my materials locally which allows me to feel good about supporting other entrepreneurs in my community.

8. What hope do you have for the future of Wood Lily Designs?
I hope that I can start selling my wooly goods at local markets and meet all sorts of people and artists in my city. I hope to stay inspired and have my creative learning be present in whatever I do for Wood Lily Designs.

One day I would like to run some courses for felted creations and perhaps write some small books to sell on my website. One e-book I am itching to write is a book on simple ways to connect children with nature.

You can connect with Terra and Wood Lily Designs here:

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  1. Good luck, Terra. Plan to visit Wallie next Oct. 15 - 19 when Amherst again hosts our Fibre Arts Festival, on at present. You would be an instant hit, could give a course and sell at the Bazaar.