Thursday, August 30, 2012


What magic awaits...


I have always been a believer in magic.
 I pulled 3 cards from my trusted Tarot deck this afternoon. A simple, yet effective way to help guide my intentions. I did a simple 3 card spread- Past, Present and Future.

The Past

Represented by Four of Wands - Completion
What could be more perfect than a card that depicts the male and female. Back to back in mutual support, arms raise high towards the heavens. To me this card says "We made it"! After many years of struggles, my husband and I have turned our daydreams into REALity!
Hard earned wisdom was gained along the way and we both have so much to be grateful for.
Though there are days I dread  trudging through chicken and goat poo at 5 o'clock in the morning.
 I have never been happier.


The Present

Represented by The Chariot - Triumph
I self identify with this card on many levels.
A warrior maiden rides triumphantly atop her reindeer steed.
Self assured, she rides fearlessly in the face of opposition. Though she wears a mask of bravery, for she knows that this is only one moment in the cycle of life. She must reign in her emotions, think logically and prepare for any battles that may lay ahead of her.
Those battles, I'm afraid, are  internal.
If this card teaches me anything, it's that I must triumph over my own demons.

The Future

Represented by Seven of Hearts - Illusion
A young winged woman stands beneath a sky filled with  radiating hearts.
Arms reach towards the sky, she attempts to gather the hearts that have become caught in a net of rainbows. Above the entangled hearts is a glowing golden shell  representing higher truth.
It is easy to get lost in a world of sleeping dreams and wishful thinking. I can admit, that I have a tendency to escape from my reality and go beyond the veil of illusion. To me though this cards speaks to my creative endeavors. Creativity does not dwell in a practical world. It thrives on daydreams.
I can spend days wishing on stars and reaching towards the sky or I can put thought into action and make tangible 'creative' goals rooted in reality.
My intentions are set.
Trust the process.


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  1. i love this! i also absolutely love the phrase 'trust the process'. before i began my migration west, i was told by a random older man i began talking to in a coffee shop to do just that 'trust the process'.
    thanks for the reminder.

    p.s. you are magical