Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Running with Wolves or from

There is a part of my self that once I sit in silence I can hear a scratching at my soul. An unbearable ache dwells deep.

Women who deny their true identity will inevitably dry up and disappear.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes wrote that, "when a woman begins to dry out it becomes harder an harder for her to function in the hearty wildish nature".

At some point a woman will hit a wall in her life where that scratching will become so loud she needs to heed its calling....

...but how does a woman respond to that call when the tether of husbands and children seem to tug at her heart strings?

We sacrifice so much of ourselves for the people we love and tend to tame our wildish nature. But, if we love ourselves shouldn't we make some room to honor our wild ways?

I have been doing some serious soul work since spring session of SouLodge. I have awakened within me a well of wisdom and new rivers continue to flow in.

I am consistently inspired by the beautiful voices that pour from one sister to another. Among them I find too, that I have a voice and I shall be heard.

I've walked a solitary path for so many years that allowing people to come take a seat inside my head has taken more courage than I thought I had. It feels good to finally open up and say what's in my heart without feeling like I am making a mistakes or offending someone.

For the first time in my life I am making the choice to run with the Wolves rather than run from them...

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  1. beautiful. a courageous decision to run with, but it feels so good when we unite with our pack.