Friday, August 31, 2012

New Beginnings

I'm still vibrating from the Blue Moon ritual I did along with a beautiful circle of women. The glamorous goddess Athena Perrakis of Sage Goddess knows how to throw down!

She cast an AMAZING circle on a virtual level. Being able to connect with women from all over the world in real time was ELECTRIFYING. The currents of energy were felt by us all.

Prior to the ritual I got in my 'mojo zone' by painting. Something that always relaxes me and puts me into a trance like state. When I gift myself time with brushes and color I let the process happen organically. This is what came out.

My Blue Moon goddess. I can't wait to see what becomes of her....(metaphorically)

I created a portable altar for this particular ritual. I wasn't sure what my wild tribe would be up to during that time so I opted for a something that could take me where ever I could get some sacred space.
Thank )O( goddess my husband was home to keep the kids occupied while I worked some much needed magic.

The previous day I set my intentions for the ritual of New Beginnings (see post here). I thought more about what my intentions actually were. I went back and forth over what I thought I needed, what I thought others expected of me and what I really needed.
In a moment of clarity my intentions set themselves:
Take inspired action
Make time for healing
Connect with my spirit guides.
With that settled I threw my intentions into the cauldron and lit the fire!
During part of the ritual Athena led us to meet our guide. My guide came in the form of an old woman. Draped in old tattered shawls, wild haired and the kind of face with wrinkles only a woman of wisdom can wear gracefully. She rode atop a large black horse as I walked next to her down a long old growth path. I kept thinking to myself, "I know this woman". She seemed so familiar, yet not.
She placed a shawl around my shoulders and then it happened. Emotional release.
Tears were running like hot knives down my face, I was cold and shivering but felt so comforted by her warm gesture.
I knew in that moment, without a doubt, this woman was me.
Wisdom doesn't speak. It's always the gesture that is heard the most.
Happy Blue Moon and cheers to New Beginnings!
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